Mobile home safety and security

Beautiful living on the axis

You do not need a ticket, a flight ticket or a hotel room: just get in, go and stop where you want. Your mobile living room makes you flexible and independent. You feel not only free but also safe and comfortable.

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When is a mobile home a camper?

Mobile homes are no longer what they once were: the original mobile was converted vans; the most important basic equipment was the travel and adventure of the owner. Today there are hardly any limits to luxury? But when is a motor home a camper? The minimum requirements can be found in a leaflet of the mobile home:

Have a seat!  The camper should make a homely impression. You will need a seat with a table. It may be detachable, tilted or turned away.

Goodnight It need not be equal to a four-poster bed. A folded seat is sufficient if this results in a sufficiently large and even lying surface.

Bon appetite

The cooking facilities must be suitable for the performance of kitchen and for storage of kitchen utensils. A fixed installation of the cooker is essential. In other cases, a room suitable for safety and operation is required in the living area to use the cooker. The stove to be carried must be approved for indoor use.

Tidy Clothing and food need while driving and can be safely stowed while living. Passenger cars and light-duty trucks, glove compartments etc. are not sufficient.

Good attached

  • During the trip, the device should have a permanent place to minimize the risk in case of an accident or the extent of injuries.
  • When determining the empty weight, 75 kg must be applied to the driver. Permanently installed gas and fresh water containers must be filled to 90%.
  • In order to determine the actual payload of the vehicle, the vehicle mass shall first be deducted from the permissible total mass of the vehicle. The payload is calculated if 75 kg per passenger seat and PM are deducted from this difference.

Sitting in the living area while driving

  • The passengers can make themselves comfortable during the journey in the residential part if appropriate requirements are met:
  • There must be sufficient windows and escape facilities.
  • Drivers and passengers must be able to communicate acoustically directly.
  • The seat, seatbelts and anchorage requirements are subject to the date of initial approval of the vehicle.

Pay attention to your weight

  • For an overload or hitch lift, you generally need to release the vehicle manufacturer or a recognized technical service.
  • The sum of the axle loads is not a sufficient criterion for a possible overloading of a vehicle.

Build and marvel

  • In the reconstruction, the imagination of many fans seems as boundless as the independence striving. However, you should bear in mind that the changes must be approved by a recognized expert. The road traffic authorities then change the vehicle ticket.
  • In the case of vehicles without sufficient minimum equipment for mobile homes or with a removable housing system, nothing changes; they are still classified as passenger cars or trucks.